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Starting a Business: Incorporate
Do you need an attorney to incorporate?  No. We do encourage you to consult with an attorney as Behar & Company cannot provide you with legal advice.  However, to form your corporation, you can use our incorporation service to save money on the administrative aspects of the formation of your corporation.

The major benefits of incorporating your business are the limits it affords you against business liability as well as personal debts liability. In case of a lawsuit or judgment against your business, no one can seize your personal assets, your home, car, bank accounts, etc. Your exposure to loss is limited to the assets of the corporation.

There are many more tax options available to corporations than proprietorships or partnerships. For example, a corporation may receive greater tax deductions for health insurance. A corporation may also set up several benefit programs for employees, which are considered a business expense, and can lower the taxable income of the corporation. Leasing of vehicles, pension and retirement funds, including the matching of funds put into retirement plans by the corporation are some examples. Through the issuance of stock, there is a greater opportunity to raise capital.

We will assist you in completing and filing the articles of incorporation (called Certificate of Incorporation in some states). We can also assist you in the formation of a nonprofit corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership. 

Included in our incorporation service, we will obtain an Employer Identification Number and prepare S Corporation Elections (if applicable).  Also, if applicable, we will prepare applications to collect sales tax and register for payroll and unemployment taxes.


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